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Entry #3

Goings on 3.0 - Graduation and a Job!

2014-10-23 17:58:57 by Pelboy

In short, I've graduated university and recently started working at Sony London as a freelance concept artist. In long, it's been 3 years of working very hard with a group of very talented people who still motivate me to keep painting, animating, and improving. Together with two close friends, we made a film called 'The Catch', and it was the most fun I've ever had, along with some darker times nearing the deadline hah... We'll hopefully make some more cool/ lame stuff in the future

I haven't had much time to work on personal things so I don't have a lot to post, but I'm getting the hang of balancing my life with work so I'll be working and posting as often as possible. To all fellow artists, animators, and engineers; keep doing what you love and push yourself to be better than you were yesterday. It's easy (and tempting) to brand yourself with a style early on, but mess around and have fun to find out new ways of creating. A style will come on its own from your own personal habits and preferences. It makes the real world not seem so tough when you practice something you love every day.




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2014-10-23 22:38:10

Do you have a tumblr, youtube or anything else where you dump skecthes or WIPs? I'd really like to see more of your work.

Pelboy responds:

I post stuff here every now and again, most of my stuff ends up here too but a few wips get left out :)


2014-11-04 11:04:35

Ugh, your art is AWESOME!
I just tingle with joy when I see your art works.
It so colorful and playful that it just makes me happy. xD

I hope you could also create an art thread over at the forums and also post your wips there. :3


2015-04-25 16:28:33



2015-04-28 14:55:41

it is good to share your art with us , it's great , I just use photoshop and now I wonder illustrate as professional as you do your