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Goings on 2.0

2013-09-07 06:48:33 by Pelboy

Hello! I've just done my first week at an animation studio. I was supposed to be a runner, but I asked if they could test me out with some work, and now I'm a key-framer! ^^ We're making a children's cartoon that's a bit like Winnie the Pooh and it'll be released sometime at the end of next year. Everyone who works here is very cool and talented and my university lecturers are working there too which was a nice surprise :) There are boards full of artwork and Cintiq tablets everywhere it's like a dream come true ha. Sorry I haven't been active; I love drawing my own stuff a lot, so whenever I don't post work it's because life gets in the way which is always annoying lol. So, yeah I'm super excited and can't wait to get back on Monday. I'll ask if I can get some work up to show you guys, it's a lovely cartoon :)

I hope you are all managing to chill out this weekend, I'm going back to bed now...

Peace from a panda!

Goings on 2.0


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2013-09-07 11:53:54

Key framing! Sweet!